Intention Cards ~ Designed by Rev Karla


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Intention cards are a simple yet sacred gateway to begin a spiritual practice. Numa Soul’s intention cards have been created for you to write your intention, prayer, release or affirmation. Our cards are sturdy enough to carry with you throughout the day as a reminder to check in with your soul. Or you may prefer to keep them by your bed or altar to pray over your heart’s and soul’s desires and intentions. 

Numa Soul’s Intention Cards were designed by Rev. Karla and exclusive to Numa Soul.

These cards can be used as part of your spiritual or journaling practice or as a nighttime ritual to clear your mind before rest.

Solidifying our thoughts and dreams into words has long been known to bring focus, clarity and direction to our lives. Numa Soul’s intention cards allows room for your 

Affirmations: What words or phrases speak to you to affirm your path?

Intentions: What action can you take or intention can you make to reach your goal?

Prayers: Who or what is on your heart that you would like to remember in prayer?

Release: What are you ready to release so you can be the best version of yourself?

There are 40 cards in each intention kit, enough for a 30-day contemplative practice, or however it will enrich your spiritual journey. Keep a few empty ones in your notebook or wallet in case a spiritual nudge invites you to an “in the moment” writing session, or offer one to a friend for inspirational time together.

Dimensions: 3 11/16" x 2 5/16" x 3/4" | 40 Cards per package

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