Oracle of the Essences Deck


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Oracle cards and essential oils all in one. Oracle of the Essences Deck includes:

* 69 full-color cards, with artwork and keywords to illustrate how the essence can benefit you and your loved ones.

* A 168-page booklet describing the personality of each essence, the meaning of the card, a quote that embodies the essence and an affirmation for each, with an index for easy navigating.

* The book also guides your reading of the cards with references to color meanings and chakras, as well as easy spreads for beginners to advanced readers.

This 3rd edition has 7 extra cards including, Black Spruce, Blue Lotus, Celery Seed, Citronella, Osmanthus, Palmarosa, and Vanilla. Also featuring brand new designs for Coriander, Ginger, Juniper Berry, and Siberian Fir.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Monica - ‘The Enchantress’ - is an Alternative Therapist who works with clients all around the world, and has performed Tarot and Oracle Card readings for almost 20 years. With a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge, Monica has helped many people to find their path, and manifest the life of their dreams. Monica has completed three university degrees as well as numerous courses in health and well-being.

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