The Psalm Oracle Cards


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Perhaps your spiritual practice includes opening your Bible or another sacred book and randomly choosing a verse or paragraph for inspiration. Maybe you pray to receive a word that will help you through a season of change or growth…or maybe you have discovered the deep wisdom in oracle cards to guide you on your spiritual journey. 

We have selected some of the most beautiful and inspiring decks, known for their connection to animals, plants and ancient texts. 

Healers and sages encourage the use of oracle cards as a spiritual practice to remind us that Divine power and insight reside within—oracle cards are used to gain insight, awareness and often, find answers.

This Psalms Oracle Deck is based on 150 verses found in the Bible. Each card resembles a watercolor image, rich with symbolism and meaning. After drawing one, turn to the reference book to discover insight and wisdom from sources outside of Judaism and Christianity, including Hinduism, Jungian psychology, and Twelve-Step recovery. 

One interesting aspect of the Psalms Deck is its invitation to step out of your religious heritage and into the origins of scripture. The deck’s creator, Rabbi Robert dos Santos Teixeira, prefaces the accompanying guide book with these words:

“Many psalms have ascriptions. In Jewish practice, ascriptions are counted or numbered as verses, and in Christian practice, they are not. At the very beginning of Psalm 7, for instance, we find the words, “Shiggaion of David, which he sang to the Lord, concerning Cush, a Benjaminite,” an example of an ascription. In the Hebrew Bible, which most Christians refer to as the Old Testament, those words comprise verse 1, that is, Psalm 7:1. In the Old Testament, however, the same words are not numbered; Psalm 7:1 begins, instead, with the words, “O Lord, my God, in You I seek refuge…” Citations of the Book of Psalms as well as other books of the Hebrew Bible conform to the Jewish practice of numbering verses.”

This acknowledgment of the Hebrew Bible’s true origin as Jewish scripture reminds us to see it as it was written to be—an element of Judaism, not Christianity. What a beautiful way to expand our understanding of the world’s religions by honoring their sacred truth rather than appropriating it for another. 

This deck and guide incorporate insights from a variety of sources, such as Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism (Tanakh, Talmud, Zohar), Jungian psychology, and Twelve-Step recovery, and offers useful spiritual tools, such as affirmations, breathing exercises, mantras, prayers and visualizations.

Oracle cards shouldn't be confused with tarot cards, which are structured and traditionally consisting of 78 cards in a certain sequence. While the deck’s imagery may vary depending on the artist, the meanings and symbolism are somewhat standardized. Tarot readings are best done by skilled practitioners who are trained in the craft. While we may offer tarot cards at some point, we would recommend that you seek additional training from an experienced teacher or practitioner for their use.

Oracle cards are more free-flowing and feature imagery and content that is relevant to the author. They are excellent tools for your spiritual practice to assist with guidance and direction. Finding a deck that inspires you is a wonderful way to cultivate a soul connection with Divine, universal energies.

Number of pages: 176. Made in the USA. 

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