Wax Melter - Insignia Model

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Wax melters are the perfect option in rooms where candles are not allowed or cannot be safely monitored. The gentle glow from the base will provide a lovely setting in your home décor, or placed on an altar for subtle lighting during your spiritual practice.

The Insignia Model features a glazed porcelain base, and a removable top to safely melt the wax. Pair with one of our wax melts, which are 100% paraffin free and only contain pure essential oils. Warm the wax directly in the dish. As the wax melts in the dish, the essential oils are gently released into the air, providing a welcoming and comforting aroma to your space. When you are finished and want to use a different wax melt, simply pour the melted wax back into its plastic tray, and wipe the dish clean. 

We recommend melting wax that is paraffin, fragrance and synthetic oil free. Wax melts sold separately. 

Dimensions: 6.5" H x 5" W x 5" D | Weight: 1lb 5oz

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