Divine Mary Madonna and Child Ritual Candle


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The sacred image of Mary with the infant Jesus has captivated artists for thousands of years. We love the image on our candle, for hidden behind Mary’s gaze is a sadness, a sense of knowing of what is to come while the Christ child is held securely and lovingly in her arms. She knows she must soon give him to the world, a world that will not only reject Him, but will crucify Him. The beginning of Christianity is held in this image. Meditating with this candle may be useful if you are searching for connection to your religious heritage or seeking to be inspired by Christ’s birth story. The Madonna/Child image is also good for those who are seeking to heal from trauma related to their mother or for asking for connection to their inner child. 

Our ritual candles are hand-poured and embellished by hand.

Unscented: Ritual candles are unscented to ensure your spiritual practice is not impeded by a scent that may conflict with the intent of any other scented items (herbs, incense, essential oils) that may be used in your sacred time. 

Ritual Candle - 2 sizes available 

4" tall 2 1/8" diameter - Burn time: 50 hours*

8" tall 2 1/4" diameter - Burn time: 100 hours*  

*Burn times may vary

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