Jesus Christ Ritual Candle


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Jesus Christ, The Compassionate One. Christ Consciousness is as close as your next breath. For those who are on a spiritual but not religious path, praying with the image of Christ may invite a connection to the God incarnate as human—a loving reminder that the sacred swells within each of us the Holy Spirit. For the one who is detangling from religion or who has suffered religious trauma, the image of Christ is a reminder of Christ’s message to “Love the Lord God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself.” When we can begin to live this message from Christ, we move towards healing that will release us from any harm done to us by humans.

Our ritual candles are hand-poured and embellished by hand.

Unscented: Ritual candles are unscented to ensure your spiritual practice is not impeded by a scent that may conflict with the intent of any other scented item (herbs, incense, essential oils) that may be used in your sacred time. 

Ritual Candle - 2 sizes available 

4" tall 2 1/8" diameter - Burn time: 50 hours*

8" tall 2 1/4" diameter - Burn time: 100 hours*  

*Burn times may vary

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