Sakyasimha Buddha Ritual Candle


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Buddhism is considered to be a way of life that honors morality, meditation and wisdom. The teachings of the Buddha are often used to teach spiritual awareness to those who are just beginning a spiritual practice to the experienced meditation practitioner.

Our ritual candles are hand-poured and embellished by hand.

Unscented: Ritual candles are unscented to ensure your spiritual practice is not impeded by a scent that may conflict with the intent of any other scented items (herbs, incense, essential oils) that may be used in your sacred time. 

Ritual Candle - 2 sizes available 

4" tall 2 1/8" diameter - Burn time: 50 hours*

8" tall 2 1/4" diameter - Burn time: 100 hours*

* Burn times may vary

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