Welcome, Beautiful Soul

Numa Soul Center for Spiritual Transformation invites you to:

  • Discover spirituality outside the constructs of organized religion.
  • Connect with others who are on this spiritual but not religious journey.
  • Heal from religious trauma that may be inhibiting your soul’s connection to your physical being.
  • Be your authentic self, free from the narratives others placed on you that do not serve your highest good.
  • “Each and every day we have a choice: believe what others say we are, or dive into the sacred soulwork that helps us release the traumatic life experiences and toxic beliefs that no longer serve our highest good. This, I believe, is the driving force behind all that we offer at Numa Soul Center for Spiritual Transformation.” 
- Rev Karla, Founder

    Our name, Numa Soul, is inspired by the ancient Greek word Pneuma (πνεῦμα) and means breath, or spirit breath. Paired with the word “Soul,” Numa Soul stands for breath of the soul

    We believe that soulwork is as vital and sacred to life as the breath is to the body. Without soulwork, our inner being, where compassion, awareness, creativity and love live, loses its ability to guide us on this journey.

    Explore Numa Soul’s website and learn about our team, ministries, integrative workshops, as well as our spiritual guidance services and resources. To find sacred self-care, home decor and altar products, hand-picked by Rev. Karla and her team, visit our store

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    Welcome, Spiritual Sojourner.

    We’re honored to serve you.