Grief Support


Honoring What Was is Numa Soul’s gathering to remember our loved ones and offer comfort for our sorrow. 

“Our life experiences are greatly impacted by those we have loved and lost. When we pause to remember, it not only honors their lives, it gently opens those hidden and precious places in our hearts where love and loss live. This is where we find comfort for our sorrow. This is why we invite you to honor what was.”

Rev. Karla

Grief ebbs and flows throughout our lives. Though we may never fully recover from the loss of a loved one, we are as much changed by their absence as we were impacted by their presence. Creating ritual and ceremony around loss affirms what we intuitively know—our hearts need space to be seen and comforted.

Throughout her life, Rev Karla has offered spiritual care to those seeking guidance and inspiration for life’s most difficult challenges. She recalls, “While they may have sought my guidance to deal with a specific life issue, we inevitably came to a space where they were holding onto unprocessed grief.”

Led by Rev Karla and her ministry team, Honoring What Was is held several times throughout the year. *Registration is required.