Healing Religious Trauma - Online Course

Break Free From the Harm of Toxic Christianity and Spiritual Abuse

More and more people are deconstructing from toxic and harmful religious experiences and struggling to escape the far-reaching effects of spiritual abuse and trauma. If you’re ready to recognize and identify religious trauma and the wounds that it has created within your own life, then Healing Religious Trauma was created for you. Rev Karla is here to help you use this course to create a safe space, so that you can begin healing. From releasing the toxic abuse of patriarchy, healing from her religious trauma then discovering a meaningful spiritual path that isn’t captive to a rigid dogma, there is no other better qualified to help you heal from the harm that religion has caused than Rev Karla.
In Healing Religious Trauma you will:
➡️Learn how to recognize spiritual abuse, religious trauma and its repercussions.
➡️See how what you have been feeling is valid. Like any other trauma, healing religious trauma is a process and this is the first step.
➡️Recognize how toxic patriarchy affects your self-worth and self-esteem and how to break free.
➡️Explore practices to help you reclaim and redefine your spirituality.
➡️Hear others’ stories to help you understand that your experience is shared by others—you are not alone.
➡️Enrich your emotional and spiritual well-being by developing a strong foundation to help guard your mind, heart and soul from future manipulative tactics.
➡️Recognize the “golden thread” that connects us to each other and the world around us.
➡️Take steps toward creating positive change in your life by exploring your personal authenticity.
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Healing Religious Trauma Online Course