We offer a broad spectrum of masterclasses, gatherings and special events for the spiritual seeker who yearns for connection, inspiration and education.

We know that life can be tragic, triumphant, and everything in between. True fulfillment and authentic living require being present to all of it, and we want to support you along the way. Throughout the year, we will offer free or donation based community events dedicated to different topics– such as having open conversations around trauma, grief or loss or learning to create meaningful rituals to honor important life passages.

*Registration is required. 

Inspired & Informed

These are the types of questions we receive from individuals who are beginning to experience the stirrings of consciousness and are yearning for knowledge and connection.

Numa Soul’s Inspired & Informed Ministry offers a vast array of masterclasses designed specifically to educate and empower seekers with wisdom and truth. These masterclasses are carefully curated based on the comments and inquiries received from thousands of followers.

  • Am I going to hell if I’m gay?
  • What is sacred activism?
    • How can I heal from religious trauma?
    • What is the spiritual-but-not-religious path?
    • What caused the radicalization of Christianity?
    • Is hell real?
    • What is a mystic?
    • How can I forgive?