Our Team

Rev Karla 


I am an ordained interfaith/interspiritual minister who helps people live their spiritual truth, heal from religious trauma and connect to the Divine through sacred soul work. 

As a lifelong learner, I have always sought to understand how God is revealed in the world. This led me, at age 50, to leave my Christian spiritual roots to explore spirituality in all world religions and how spirituality is experienced beyond the walls of traditional, organized religion.

After a number of years of self-study, I returned to college for Biblical studies and world religions at Indiana Wesleyan University and Arizona State University. I then attended the two-year seminary program through One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York, and was ordained an interfaith/interspiritual minister in 2017.

Since becoming ordained in 2017, I have offered spiritual care through in-person sessions, video conferencing and small group sessions. Recently, I made the decision to focus entirely online, as our country navigates a pandemic, by embracing the age of digital technology for human connection.

Each week, I offer writings and videos that reflect a specific theme, such as why it is okay to be spiritual but not religious, embracing change, and managing grief. These teachings are offered on social media and our website, where some videos have over 3 millions views. 




Director of Operations

With an extensive background in customer relations and 11 years in corporate management, nothing could have prepared me for the extraordinary role I find myself in today. Although I wear a multitude of hats within our organization, including operations, marketing, and management, I am incredibly grateful to be working with this dedicated team of creative, and passionate professionals. We are a small team, but everything we do requires purpose and intention to ensure we continue to protect our growing community. 

After observing the role stress plays on the body, and feeling the pressures of becoming a working mother, I returned to school in 2019 to look for a more meaningful way to further my career. In my spare time, I am a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Indiana, and a Certified Aromatherapist recognized by The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. Many of the hand-made items found within our online store are created by myself, including our Grounding Spray, bath bombs, and ritual kits.

I am incredibly grateful to be working alongside my mother, Rev Karla. Thank you to our followers, for trusting us with some of your deepest vulnerabilities, and my hope is that you find this space safe. Connecting and helping those along their journeys continues to be my priority and the foundation for us here at Numa Soul. This community continues to inspire me each and everyday.




Graphic Design/Photography/Reflexologist

I consider myself a Hoosier even though I found my way to Bloomington, Indiana via New York City, via Kansas City—Missouri that is. Go Chiefs! It was my brother who lives in NYC, that suggested I leave Missouri and move to the Big Apple. We felt that the city would help my chances of finding an art job. We were right.

An art director at a small publishing company decided to give this Missouri girl a chance to learn graphic design on-the-job. Mind you, this was before computers. The skills that I learned have lasted a lifetime. I went on to freelance in advertising and publishing for 15 years.

After relocating to Bloomington, I happened to meet Karla Kamstra, founder of Numa Soul. We stayed in touch over the years, and when the need arrived, she offered me a design job. How lucky am I that I get to design, learn, and work with the fantastic team of women at Numa Soul.

*Plant enthusiast and rock collector.





Social Media Specialist/Digital Marketing

I graduated from Indiana University in 2018 with a degree in Media and have been working with Numa Soul ever since– creating content for both Numa Soul and Rev Karla's social media accounts and emails. Additionally, I produce YouTube videos and Rev Karla’s podcast, Spirituality Matters. In my free time, I love to be outdoors - hiking is a favorite, I’m an avid cook always trying new recipes, and whenever possible, I relax in a calming bath to unwind.









Community Engagement Manager

I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher, EFT Practitioner & a 200 hour RYT through Yoga Alliance & have worked with clients for almost a decade. 

After years of exploration & working through my own trauma, I discovered there are many ways for us to heal & they all involved moving through & releasing stagnant energy stored  in the mind & body. As a lifetime learner who is passionate about helping others, it became my mission to learn the systems that are most beneficial for processing & moving through these energies that no longer serve our highest good. 

I love people. I am married & the mama of two amazing teenage boys & three amazing adopted doggos. I love roller skating, hiking & being in nature & listening to the birds. I am an avid social justice warrior & committed to bringing awareness to all that needs light & am honored to be a part of the Numa Soul team!