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For those seeking a different kind of spiritual community and connection


You asked for it—and now it is here.

For years, Rev Karla has offered you teachings on her social media platforms, which has grown over 600,000 beautiful souls. The number one question she gets is, “How can I talk to you outside of social media?”

Well, Beautiful Soul, here is your chance.

Why is this new kind of spiritual community needed?

Because the data proves that people are leaving church yet are desiring a safe and sacred gathering space to:

→ ask questions.

→ connect with like-minds and souls.

→ be affirmed, encouraged and feel welcomed just as they are.

→ learn, grow, heal and be challenged with new ideas.

→ deconstruct from toxic theology.

→ heal from religious trauma.

Now more than ever we need community.

There is strength, wisdom and healing in gathering with people who see and love and respect you for who you truly are—not the facade the world forces upon us.

A spiritual community just for you.

Rev Karla has created this spiritual community specifically to help you have conversations in a safe and sacred space, free from the noise of social media where like-minded people gather to join her in a more intimate setting. 

When you join Rev Karla’s Spiritual Community, you unlock exclusive access to her in creative and engaging ways that will inspire, encourage, and comfort you. 

There is no other place where you have this level of access to Rev Karla’s teachings and the opportunity for community in exclusive live forums and gatherings. 

This virtual community is like no other because you will be surrounded by people just like you.

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People in Rev Karla’s Spiritual Community are seeking:

→ healing from religious trauma.

→ guidance on their spiritual path.

→ insight on how to navigate difficult life challenges.

→ resources on a vast array of topics from religion, spirituality, politics and issues around the world.

→ a community to be seen, heard, loved and assured that they are not alone.

Membership is available through a Patreon portal where the cost of membership equals roughly one latte per week…and it is worth it. 

If you took advantage of all the membership benefits, you could be sitting in the comfort of your home while connecting live with Rev Karla weekly, where you can hear her teach on a variety of topics, and you can ask your questions directly to her. 

Confidential | Comforting | Convenient
~A sacred community like no other~


When you join Rev Karla’s spiritual community, you will receive:

→ One Live monthly gathering with time for your questions, where Rev Karla will be speaking Live on a variety of subjects such as:

➡️ Religious Trauma

➡️ Deconstructing from Christianity

➡️ Reading the Bible with a new set of eyes

➡️ Jesus’ teachings, free from the constraints of dogma

➡️ The spiritual-but-not-religious journey

➡️ Living a spiritually empowered life

➡️ Current events and their connection to spirituality and religion

➡️ Soulwork—the work we do to release that which no longer serves our highest good and allows us to return to the world a better version of ourselves

    → One Live monthly Q&A session, where Rev Karla answers your questions face-to-face. This setting provides personal access to Rev Karla that isn’t available anywhere else.

    → One Live monthly interview with inspiring and informed guests on topics that will interest you. These interviews may be extensions of podcast interviews or may be expanded interviews from Live streams that can only be found here in Rev Karla’s Patreon membership.

    →One Live monthly circle to discuss Rev Karla’s Book-of-the-Month selection! A wonderful opportunity to be in community with people who are journeying with you as you dive into the sacred mysteries and wisdom of the group’s current book, personally chosen by Rev Karla to help guide you on your spiritual journey.

    If you choose to take advantage of each of these Live gatherings, you could be with Rev Karla four times a month! One of these gatherings could easily be worth the cost of the monthly membership.

    Can’t make one of the Live sessions? Don’t worry! We have you covered. Each session will be recorded for you to watch at your convenience. 

    Exclusive bonuses when you join Rev Karla’s Spiritual Community

    Rev Karla didn’t stop at just the four lives listed above. 

    She knows what you need to be seen, loved and comforted on your spiritual journey, so she also took great care in creating these unique membership bonuses that are exclusive to her spiritual community.

    When you join Rev Karla’s Spiritual Community, you also receive:

    → Rev Karla’s Sacred Space: These are sacred gatherings and ceremonies to help hold the space throughout the year. People who have moved away from organized religion often miss gatherings around special moments, such as Christmas, Easter and so on. Rev Karla’s Sacred Space has been carefully designed for the deconstructing Christian who desires to honor their heritage in ways that will comfort their souls. Throughout the year, Rev Karla will offer ceremonies honoring events and topics such as: New Year’s Eve/Day, Easter, Pentecost, All Souls’ Day, Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas. 

    In addition to the Sacred Space gatherings, Rev Karla understands the importance of recognizing the passage of time and your need to process this through ritual. To help guide you on life’s journey, Rev Karla will also offer ceremonies around a variety of topics such as: Forgiveness, Grief (including pet grief), The Solstices or Equinoxes, Special commemorative days that require space, such as 9/11.

    In addition to Rev Karla’s Sacred Space gatherings, you will also receive as added bonuses:

    → Pop up teachings from other teachers from Rev Karla’s inner circle of closest friends, mentors, seminary classmates and wisdom teachers who are knowledgeable and skilled practitioners offering wisdom on a variety of topics, such as:

    → Meditations

    → Breathing exercises

    → Restorative and self care techniques such as EFT

    → Pop up live check-ins 

    → Bonus writings only available in the membership

    → Bonus interviews, writings, videos and gatherings

    → A continual expanding library of resources and meditations

    → Sneak previews for upcoming courses and products where you may also be invited to provide input and reviews!

    → Discounts and early registration for upcoming workshops and events

    → Early bird purchase offers and discounts of exclusive merchandise

    Monthly Membership:

    When you join with a monthly membership of just $18.95/month, you’ll receive:

    → Rev Karla’s five affirmation cards. Included with the affirmation cards are a resource guide on how to incorporate affirmations into your spiritual practice and a special note of gratitude from Rev Karla.

    → One teaching from Rev Karla on: The Sacredness of the Spiritual Wilderness.

    → 20% discount coupon to Numa Soul’s e-commerce store—with many of the items hand-selected by Rev Karla.

    We hope to see you inside of our growing community.💜

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