Ready to take your learning and awareness to a deeper level of understanding?

Numa Soul’s integrative workshops can help. 

While our free ministry classes and special events can help shape your spiritual truth, our workshops offer powerful wisdom, deep introspection and heightened self-awareness to help you cultivate a personal and authentic spirituality that goes far beyond the scope of a one-hour class.

Because we are dedicated to a culture of learning, expansion, inspiration and inclusivity, our interactive workshops are designed to empower and equip attendees to take the necessary steps for personal, spiritual, and social transformation. Classes range from deconstructing toxic religion and personal and spiritual development, to sacred activism and LGBTQ+ specific issues. Not only will we discuss the what and why, we will give you practical tools and resources to help ground and support you.

Pre-registration is required, and fees will be contingent upon the number of classes and materials offered.