Beaded Votive Candle


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Each glass votive includes a 100% pure beeswax candle.

These beeswax votives are made from 100% organic beeswax sourced locally from a bee farmer right outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The beeswax is filtered to remove debris while maintaining its beautiful color and natural honey scent. The candle wicks are 100% cotton. Beeswax candles are long burning and non-toxic. Beeswax candles can vary by color based on where the hives are derived. The aroma is subtle and produces a natural sweet honey smell. Each candle is handmade and poured. Beeswax has a long shelf life, and has the highest melting point of any other wax. This means that your beeswax candle will have a burn time that is five times longer than any paraffin candle, and will burn with a brightness resembling sunlight. 

Instructions and care: Initial lighting of your candle is the most important. Ensure you burn your candle long enough (usually 3–4 hours) to establish a wax pool which should reach close to the edge of your candle but should not melt over. Trim the wick to ¼ inch every time you light your candle for a longer candle life. Never leave your candle unattended while burning, and always place your candle on a fireproof surface before burning. 

Dimensions: 2.5" H x 2.25" W | Includes 1 votive and 1 100% natural beeswax candle

Color options: Blue | Green | Amber | Red | Pink