Blue Peacock Journal


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Wisdom keepers, spiritual healers and even therapists understand the power in telling our stories, sharing our feelings and processing emotions. One way to do this is through the sacred practice of journaling. Using a handmade journal that is mindfully crafted utilizing fair trade ethical practices, sustainable products and tree-free paper is another way to connect your journaling practice to your bonds to the earth.

This handmade journal is inspired by peacocks, which symbolize eternal life in spirituality. The peacock also is known for its confidence in its strength and beauty, as well as its ability to become stronger with each feather-shedding, which occurs annually.

Close your spiritual practice of journaling by gently wrapping this journal with its closure, bringing to an end with gratitude your time with the Holy.

Softbound 96-page journal with fauna-inspired, blue peacock scene and 100% tree-free recycled cotton paper. Dori tie and tassel closure. Because of the variations in the paper, each journal may vary slightly, giving each journal its own unique look. 

Dimensions: 7" x 5"