Buddha Incense Burner


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Incense burning has been used for centuries in ceremonies and rituals to create sacred space and in everyday use to cleanse the air and raise the vibrational energy of one’s physical space. Burning incense provides a gentleness to the atmosphere that invites quiet contemplation for meditation or prayer time. Elevate your space with a beautiful way to burn your incense sticks. Designed to highlight the beauty of the Buddha and provide a catch for your ashes. Use in your spiritual practice and to provide a cleansing and gentle aroma to your home’s space.

Handmade in Nepal this small ceramic Buddha sits upon a lovely dish where there are 2 holes. One that fits the wider Tibetan incense, and another hole that fits traditional incense sticks. The Buddha sits 3" high, and the dish is 3.5" wide.  

*Please note that all incense should be lit in a well ventilated area and should not be left unattended. Please note this burner does not include incense. Click here to learn about our natural hand-blended incense sticks.