Chakra Candles

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If you desire to invoke the sacred elements of fire and light with the power of chakras, these chakra candles will be the perfect addition to your spiritual practice. The chakra system, or spiritual energy system of the body, originated in India thousands of years ago. The word "chakra" is a Sanskrit word that means "wheel" and references the energy meridians in the body. Each color references a specific chakra that aids in bringing alignment into the body's energy meridians.

Hand-poured with RSPO certified palm wax by our Certified Fair Trade Organization partner. Intentionally unscented to invite a personal sacred space free of conflicting scents that could inhibit your spiritual practice. See below for each candle's Sanskrit name and the chakra's meanings:

White (Lotus)-Holy: Signifies the sacredness of Spirit and purity of all that is Holy. Symbolizes the spiritual side of our physical bodies and our connection to the Divine. Use this candle to focus on one's connection to Spirit.

Violet (Sahasrara)-Happiness: Also known as the crown chakra (top of head). A spiritual practice that utilizes this color represents your soul's connection to others, the world and the universe. This may also help with life's purpose and calling.

Indigo (Ajna)-Abundance: Third eye (between the brows), the center for spiritual wisdom and intuition. Use this candle to awaken soul's connection to Spirit and to expand on your intuitive powers that are available to all of us in the physical realm.

Blue (Visuddha)-Positive Energy: Throat chakra. If you are not using your voice to stand up for yourself, create boundaries, or simply express yourself in meaningful ways, your throat energy center may be blocked. This beautiful blue candle may help you in your spiritual practice.

Green (Anahata)-Healing: The heart center is our center for compassion and love. If you are harboring pain from experiences like trauma, abuse or betrayal, working with your heart center can help guide us on our path to healing.

Yellow (Manipura)-Protection: This is the area of the solar plexus chakra (the navel to the rib-cage). Physical aspects are metabolic, digestive, and stomach related. The energy of the solar plexus is associated with our creativity, our service, and our unique gifts.

Orange (Svadhishthana)-Love: This chakra gives us our sense of wellness and our passions. Located just below the navel, when this chakra is aligned, we feel alive, joy-filled and passionate, with emotions fully balanced and grounded.

Red (Muladhara)-Money: It may seem odd to have a chakra associated with money, but the root chakra is all about our power and our motivation. It's how we make things happen, which is often how we associate with money and success. Physical aspects are the spine, the pelvic floor and the lower vertebrae.

Dimensions: 16oz | 8" tall glass jar | Estimated burn time - 100 hours