Garden Labyrinth Meditation Bowl


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Meditation bowls, also known as singing bowls have been used for centuries by indigenous cultures throughout the world. Singing bowls produce beautiful music that invokes a peaceful state. They are used to promote healing and allow for deep relaxation. Sound therapy can help to calm our emotions and create balance in our lives. The sounds of the bowls can open the heart in a powerful way, invoking emotions of peace and love. Such a beautiful addition to your altar, and can be used to ring in the beginning or end of your spiritual practice or prayer time. 

Open this expressive handmade box to discover a potent mindfulness tool nestled inside. A tap of the hand-cast brass bowl elicits a strong and focusing sound. Includes bowl, cushion, wooden striker and detailed info card with simple instructions for a short meditation. The artful eco-box is exquisitely handmade in Nepal with sustainably harvested Himalayan paper.

Dimensions: Bowl - 2” diameter | Box - 2.75” L x 2.75” W x 1.75” H