Gold and Sari Macramé Garland


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Macramé dates back to the 13th century when Arabic weavers created decorative knots in their hand-woven fabrics and textiles. Even farther back, decorative knot-tying was used in ceremonial fabrics and wall hangings in China.

This Macramé Garland is hand-made utilizing the ethical principles of fair trade and sustainable fabrics. The Sari fabric used in these creations are upcycled using the remnants of the Sari material discarded after the traditional Indian garments are made.

Welcome this garland into your home to brighten up your home décor or to add color and creativity to your altar space. The festive colors in our garland, blended with the brightness of the gold mylar ribbon, will accent your décor with a pop of color and a nod to ancient traditions.

Due to the upcycled nature of the Sari material used in this garland, no Gold and Sari Macramé Garland will be exactly as depicted in the accompanying images, making your specific garland as unique as you are. Expect variation in colors and patterns. 

Dimensions: 80" L overall | 12" L ties