Incense Holder Round


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Incense burning has been used for centuries in ceremonies and rituals to create sacred space and in everyday use to cleanse the air and raise the vibrational energy of one’s physical space. Burning incense provides a gentleness to the atmosphere that invites quiet contemplation for meditation or prayer time. 

We have partnered with craftspeople who only use ethically-sourced blackened oak and maple to make our handmade incense holders. Elevate your space with a beautiful way to burn your incense sticks. Designed to highlight the beauty of natural wood and provide a catch for your ashes.

This incense holder is designed for incense sticks or incense cones. Pair this with our incense sticks or cones for the perfect gift or addition to your sacred space. Use in your spiritual practice or to provide a cleansing and gentle aroma in your home's space. 

Each measures approximately 3.5" in diameter and 3/4" deep. 

All wood is sealed with a natural moisturizing sealant. Wipe with dry cloth.

Choose from Blackened Oak or Maple. Natural variances in grain and color will occur. Incense sold separately. 

Burn incense responsibly—never leave unattended, and ensure incense is completely out before leaving the room.