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Palo Santo | Red Cedar | Rosemary | Lavender | Patchouli

Incense sticks have been used for centuries in ceremonies and rituals to create sacred space and in everyday use to cleanse the air and raise the vibrational energy of one’s physical space. Burning incense provides a gentleness to the atmosphere that invites quiet contemplation for meditation or prayer time.  

Indigenous people would have used incense as an essence for perfume, walking through the smoke to scent their bodies. From the Ancient Egyptians to the Romans––many cultures believed that the sacred smoke of burning incense would cleanse the air and welcome spiritual energies to surround them. Each time we utilize a practice that our ancestors would have used, we are connecting to our ancestral heritage in powerful and mystical ways.

We have partnered with a craftsperson who ensures the Palo Santo she uses for her craft is from branches that have naturally fallen from the tree and laid on the ground for a number of years. These incense sticks are mixed with sandalwood and makko [a natural binding agent] (both sustainably harvested) to aid in the incense’s combustibility and add to the gentle scent of Palo Santo.

Only herbs, barks, gums (and other parts of plants: roots, flowers etc.), have been used for this line of incense that is created with no chemicals or synthetic ingredients, ensuring that no toxins will be released in your home. One incense stick will burn for about half an hour. 

Hand-blended and hand-dipped using only pure botanicals and essential oils. 100% natural. Please note that the aroma of natural incense is gentle, subtle and soft.  

Ingredient list and descriptions:

Palo Santo: Real ground Palo Santo wood from Peru mixed with white sandalwood.

Red Cedar: Real ground Patchouli Leaf from India mixed with white sandalwood.

Rosemary: Made with real Rosemary, Makko, and Acacia gum. 

Lavender: Lavender incense is made with dried lavender flowers, white sandalwood, makko (the inner bark from the tabu-noki tree which grows in different parts of Asia and acts in a similar way to charcoal to keep the mixture burning), and acacia gum to bind it all together. 

Patchouli: Patchouli Incense is made with real ground Patchouli Leaf from India mixed with white sandalwood.  

Dimensions: 4" | 6 sticks per bag

Burn incense responsibly—never leave unattended, and ensure incense is completely out before leaving the room.