Palo Santo


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One of the most powerful and sacred ways to connect to the wisdom of the ancestors and the angels is by inviting the healing properties of palo santo into your space. For centuries, palo santo has been used in rituals and ceremonies. With its long spiritual history, palo santo is considered one of the mystical trees growing in the forests of the Amazon. Named the “holy wood” by Spanish monks who discovered it hundreds of years ago, palo santo has become a meaningful way to restore physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Shamans living in the Amazon utilize the healing properties of palo santo to relieve physical symptoms, as well as using it as a natural mosquito repellent.

Those same powerful properties that are used to restore the physical are available to enhance one’s spiritual practice by burning palo santo to clear one’s physical space and to use in prayer and meditation.

This Palo santo is ethically harvested by partnering with harvesters who utilize sustainable management and only harvest palo santo wood from fallen trees. This commitment to ethical harvesting is monitored by local environmental agencies to ensure sacred palo santo trees continue to thrive in their original homeland.