Polished Gemstone Hearts


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For centuries, wisdom keepers and sages have worked in harmony with earth elements through herbal and stone alchemy. Ancient scripture, including the Bible, has documented the many ways in which herbs and gemstones were used in rituals and offered as sacred gifts to royalty or respected leaders. Gemstones and crystals have long been used for their spiritual significance and connecting us to earth's energy.  

These pocket-sized gemstones come from all over the world, and are hand ground and hand polished. They fit perfectly in your pocket, hand, or on your altar. Hold them in your palm to feel the energy of each stone when mediating or during your prayer time. These are the perfect gift to let someone know you are thinking about them. You can expect slight variations on natural stones in both color and size. Each heart stone is approximately 1.5” W x 1” H. One heart stone per charge. 

Read below for a description of each gemstone and the spiritual significance:

Agate - A stone of balance and harmony, carry Agate with you when you are needing courage and strength. This gemstone offers energetic protection and helps to calm tension and anger.  

Amazonite - This stone helps to balance masculine and feminine energies. Amazonite opens one's mind to understand each side of a problem, assists with mental clarity, and aids in open communication. It promotes inner peace and assists in manifesting universal love.  

Amethyst - Known for its deep connection to purification, Divine connection, and releasing of destructive behaviors. Amethyst is a powerful stone to enhance prayer and meditation. 

Blue Howlite - Calming to the mind while easing frustration and anger, Blue Howlite is a stone that teaches patience and understanding. When used during meditation, Blue Howlite enhances our intuitive capabilities and reminds us to respect all of mankind. 

Calcite - Process and release unconscious emotions with the help of Calcite. This stone helps to increase self awareness and self esteem, while helping one to maintain boundaries in both personal and professional lives. It is often used by energy healers to increase your vibrational field, and encourages us to take action and reach for our goals and ambitions.   

Clear Quartz - Clear quartz amplifies everything. Clear quartz invites increased focus and goal-setting. This stone enhances memories to remind you of who you are and where you desire to go.

Howlite - Regain emotional balance with the help of Howlite. It is the ideal stone for sleep and meditation because it is excellent to calm the mind and dissolve anger and tension. Howlite enhances our intuitive capabilities and reminds us of our link to the Divine and earth's energies. 

Moss Agate - This is a powerful stone that offers protection, strength, and security. Moss Agate enhances love, abundance, harmony, and longevity. It encourages quiet contemplation and helps strengthen spiritual awareness. 

Red Jasper - Manifest courage and wisdom with the help of Red Jasper. This stone is incredibly grounding and helps one to overcome personal difficulties. It connects us to the earth and helps to create awareness and emotional healing on all levels. 

Sodalite - Sodalite is a portal to subconscious/intuitive abilities, enhanced insight, mental performance, and deepened intuition. Seeking inner wisdom and Divine connection can help us remain balanced as we navigate through life. 

Tiger Eye - This stone connects us to the sun reminding us of its source of abundance and nourishment, while strengthening our spiritual awareness. It creates a high vibrational energy, increases mental clarity, and helps us overcome difficult situations.