Prayer Wheel


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Prayer wheels are a powerful tool to enhance meditation and prayer. Primarily used by Buddhist in Tibet or Nepal, spinning the wheel clockwise is thought to release the prayers and mantras into the heavens, while helping us accumulate good karma, wisdom, and purify any negativities. This brass prayer wheel is hollow containing the “Om mani padme hum” prayer inside. This translates to “Oh praise to the jewel in the heart of the lotus,” and is associated with the Buddha of compassion. Many Buddhist recite this mantra daily as a reminder to spread more peace and kindness into the world. You can use this prayer, or create your own prayer or mantra, to place inside the cylinder.   

When using your prayer wheel, spin the wheel clockwise, the same way the prayer or mantra is written, just as the sun moves across the sky. Focus on the intent of the prayer when spinning the wheel. This practice helps us to become more compassionate and enhances our spiritual practice.   

Dimensions: 5.25” H x 2.25” W | Brass | Made in Nepal