Rainbow Twist Bell - Multicolored


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The sound of a bell ringing can open the heart in powerful ways, invoking emotions of peace and of love. World religions and spiritual traditions have used bells as a way to communicate with the spiritual realm for years, some believing that the bell’s sound represents the "voice of God." Ancient sages believed the design of the bell symbolized the vault of heaven (the dome) and the sound as the voice (the clapper).

A bell is often hung at the home’s entrance where they will be gently rung upon leaving to pray for safe travels, and rung upon returning in gratitude for a safe return.

Our cone-shaped bell is handmade, crafted from recycled iron sheets and covered in copper alloys. Delicate and charming, it hangs from a multi-colored braided loop with bright pink thread wrapped at the top.

Use as a holiday ornament, or decorate door knobs, patios, windows, walls, or hang near your altar to ring to begin and end your spiritual practice. 

The hand-crafting of these bells means that no two bells are alike. Your bell may look slightly different than the one pictured here.

Dimensions:  Bell: 2.5" L x 1" W | Approx. 7" L overall