Scorpio Zodiac Pack


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Scorpio Zodiac Pack - Magnetic Mystery 

Deeply determined, brimming with everlasting loyalty and highly adept at making close connections, Scorpios are ambitious and amazingly adept at putting forth their authentic selves. Due to their pinch of stubbornness, they are often mistaken for a fire sign, but rather these emotional creatures come from the water element. Malachite, Turquoise, Smokey Quartz and Snowflake Obsidian are a Scorpios soul medicine.

“I am ready to shine a light on my shadow side.”  

Stones: Malachite | Turquoise | Smokey Quartz | Snowflake Obsidian

Details: 4mm genuine gemstone beads | Strung on durable stretchy cord | Description Card included | Due to the variety in stones the colors and sizing may differ slightly than what is pictured

Sizing: Size S fits wrists 5"–6" | Size M fits wrists 6"–7" | Size L fits wrists 7"–8" | If you're in between sizes make sure to size up