Shakti Ritual Candle


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Within the Hindu religion, Shakti represents divine cosmic energy. As one of the most important goddesses, Shakti symbolizes the feminine universal energy. This candle is not only beautiful in its appearance and would be a welcoming addition to add calm to your home, using this candle in your spiritual practice invites the Divine feminine to emerge from your essence. Feminine energy often is needed when we have lost our inspiration or feel as if we are in need of nurturing. Self-love is the first step in accepting love from others—and the feminine elements of the Holy may help calm you to be open to healing.

Our ritual candles are hand-poured and embellished by hand.

Unscented: Ritual candles are unscented to ensure your spiritual practice is not impeded by a scent that may conflict with the intent of any other scented items (herbs, incense, essential oils) that may be used in your sacred time. 

Ritual Candle - 2 sizes available 

 4" tall 2 1/8" diameter - Burn time: 50 hours*

8" tall 2 1/4" diameter - Burn time: 100 hours*

*Burn times may vary