Smoke Clearing Fan


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For hundreds of years, the sacred practice of clearing energy through smoke has been used throughout the world. From burning incense and bundles of herbs to candles, multiple religious and spiritual traditions utilized smoke cleansing to dispel bad energy and welcome the good energy. 

Indigenous practitioners would have used bird feathers to move the smoke throughout the area. Because of inhumane practices related to the feather industry, Numa Soul has made the commitment to not offer feathers for smoke clearing rituals. 

Our room cleansing/smoke clearing fan is hand-woven by an artist who utilizes palm leaves to create this beautiful yet practical fan. Because it is 100% vegan and does not appropriate materials that practitioners use for their indigenous rituals, this fan is an honorable addition to your spiritual practice supplies.

Once your herb bundle or incense is lit, slowly wave your fan above the smoke to move it throughout your area. 

Dimensions: 6.3" handheld stick and 4.5" x 3" Fan Section