Sun - Earth and Fire Necklace


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One of the simplest of ways to welcome the sacred into your life is to select elements that reflect powerful meaning and symbolism. Wearing jewelry that holds the ancient wisdom of this symbolism is a way to remember that you are intricately and wondrously bound to the universe and the celestial realm.

Our Sun-Earth and Fire necklace will accent your wardrobe with a conversation piece that will stand out with your ensemble. It can also be a segue into conversations regarding its powerful elements of spiritual symbolism.

The earth element reflects the feminine energy often depicted in sacredness of Mother Earth, which is a powerful symbol of nourishment, sustenance and fertility. Fire has traditionally been seen as the power of Divinity in many world religions and spiritual traditions. Fire, which is at the core of Mother Earth, reflects the Divinity in our earth and in ourselves.

This necklace also invites the symbol of the sun, symbolizing energy, life, power, boldness and strength.

Stylish enough to wear as an apparel accent, the real power of this necklace lies in its ability to be used for your spiritual practice. Wear it during prayer or meditation, or while journaling, or even during an active practice like dancing to welcome the elements of Mother, Fire and Energy—all sacred elements of the Holy in our lives.

Handmade in India, crafted by fair-trade artisans using sustainable ingredients, each necklace will vary slightly due to its hand-crafted qualities from the hand-cut wood and forged brass.

2.25" x 1 7/8" piece, 15" drop