Swapna Dream Chime


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Besides being a lovely addition to your home décor, this Swapna Dream Chime carries the wisdom of the ancients.

Many of the world's religious and spiritual traditions have elements of symbolism to invoke a sacred state of being while sleeping. In the Hindu tradition, Swapna is a state of consciousness when a person is dreaming. Hang in your bedroom to be reminded of ancient traditions or near your space of spiritual practice to create a sense of togetherness with the sacred realm.

Upcycled metal chime—in Solar loop design—features a handcrafted copper bell, vibrant assorted sari tassels, and twisted sari hanging loop.

Due to the upcycled nature of the sari material used in this product, no Swapna Dream Chime will be exactly as depicted in the accompanying images, making your specific Swapna Dream Chime as unique as you are.

Dimensions: 26" L overall | 7.5" W