Zodiac Stickers

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Zodiac Stickers: 

Find a few laughs with these snarky zodiac stickers. Printed on coated, water resistant vinyl | Easy to peel on/off any smooth surfaces | Weatherproof and scratch resistant.

Aries ~ "Living in Perpetual Angst"

Taurus ~ "Inflexible because I'm Right"

Gemini ~ "Currently Overanalyzing Everything Always"

Cancer ~ "Excuse Me While I Overthink That"

Leo ~ "But Let's Get Back to Me"

Virgo ~ "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Perfectly"

Libra ~ "Speaks Two Languages - Profanity & Sarcasm"

Scorpio ~ "Most Definitely A Wicked Mastermind"

Sagittarius ~ "Fluent in Sarcasm"

Capricorn ~ "Boss of the Entire Universe"

Aquarius ~ "People Person Who Dislikes People"

Pisces ~ "Wildly Underappreciated"